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How to upload assets?

To upload the assets, you need to register yourself first. After logging in, click on the Upload button in the navigation bar or Upload menu from Artist profile in the navigation bar.

Step 1 : Upload

Click “Upload Your Files Here!!” to browse and select the files and then click Upload button. This will upload your files one by one. The uploaded files will be shown in the bottom tab of the upload window.

Step 2 : Product Details

The following fields must be filled before saving.

    1. Product Name : Product name is the most important piece of information for searching and finding your asset. The name should be relevant and clearly associated with the asset that you are going to save. 
    2. Description : A description about the product is needed. It should be in about 50-100 words and is essential to increase the sales. Relevant description with technical and creative information about the asset will attract more viewers or customers from search engines. The detailed information regarding the product which you have uploaded will increase the confidence of buyers and would encourage them to buy your products. Lesser description would diminish the views and hence the sales. 
    3. Product Tags : Customers can easily find out the products by using the product tags. Uploading a product with 10-15 tags will increase the sales by five fold. The tags must be specific words that relate to the product which you have uploaded. Kindly avoid unrelated tags. 
    4. Category: Select the appropriate category into which your product falls. It will increase the sales by 5 times. Customers search their products under different categories. Therefore choosing the apt category for your asset is important.
    5. Asset Details: Select the appropriate details which you have included in your product. This will ensure the quality of your asset . The customers would get a general idea about your product thereby increasing the sales.
    6. SEO keyword : In addition to product tags/product name, SEO keyword is the most important information for all search engines to find your product. Use at least 5 characters for seo keyword that is relevant and would clearly represent your product. 
    7. Price : You can sell or share your asset as free through this option. You can decide a feasible price for your product. Keep in mind the effort put in for the product while pricing your asset. You don't need to underprice your product. If you overprice your product, make sure you are providing the best quality work to the customer by showing the preview images and detailed description.
    8. License: Two types of licenses are provided by us. Royalty Free and Editorial . For more information about the licensing, please refer the License page.

      Step 3 : Add Preview Images

      You can arrange the preview images by clicking “Add Image” button, which will direct you to the Image Manager window. There you can create your product folder which will store your product images and your personal image collections. Image Manager is an image saving location wherein you can add or save the preview images.

      You can also attach videos as preview of the products to the customers. The Youtube/Vimeo Video Url allows you to add the links.

      Step 4 : Discount

      You can add discount to your products in a special case.

      Step 5 : Save

      Once you are done with adding all the information about the product, click the Save button on the top right of the page.

      Done !!