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Refund policy

A quality issue reports a defect, deficiency, or significant variation found in a product's expected appearance or performance. Thinkgazer take such issues very seriously and are always at your service to identify and resolve them quickly and effectively. If you find serious quality issues, please contact us at admin@thinkgazer.com. Issue need to be reported to admin@thinkgazer.com within 7 days after the product purchase.

When refund can be claimed?

A refund claim can arise on account of:

1.       Mismatch in product description/preview images.

2.       Missing vital model parts, details, textures or files.

3.       Mistaken model for a physical/real object and file has not been downloaded.

Kindly submit the order number of the purchase, the relevant invoice of the transaction, the detected problem and the preferred type of refund (similar model from the same artist or a cash back refund) while requesting a refund. When a refund request is received and if the claim is in order, Thinkgazer shall process the request within 3 business days. You shall abide to destroy all copies of files related to product purchase with no right to keep or use them in the future in case of a refund.