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1.   Sellers hereby authorize THINKGAZER to collect money from the Buyer and distribute the payment amount to Seller, tax authorities or other entities as is the case under this agreement and in full compliance with legal regulations.

2.   THINKGAZER make payouts bi-weekly. When a product purchase is made, the payout will be made on every second Friday.

3.   The payout will be made after deducting the tax (if applicable).


Payments Withholding

THINKGAZER reserves the right to withhold payments in the following cases:

-      Previous payment failed to be received.

-      Violation in site policies has been found.

-      Inaccurate payment information has been provided by seller. 

Payments Based on Artist Levels

THINKGAZER is quite diffferent from similar other websites, we value the artist's experitse.The artist levels and flat rates paid for in particular level are the following:

Artist level                            Payouts

Beginner                                          70%

Intermediate                                   75%

Expert                                               80%

You grant Thinkgazer the right to analyse your level of expertise based on the ShowReel/Blog/Artist Profile attached to your profile.

THINKGAZER provides each Seller detailed sales information including:

            - Price of the product

            - Information of Buyer (including country of residence)

            -VAT charged (if user is from EU VAT zone)

            If for any reason, THINKGAZER has paid you in excess of the actual payment amount, you shall acknowledge and agree to notify THINKGAZER of such occurrence and authorize THINKGAZER to deduct the overpayment from your future payments.

THINKGAZER takes no responsibility for issuing any other formal invoices, or for remitting, or withholding any taxes applicable to paid fees, except for the VAT.

These Terms of Use are in effect as of Jan 1, 2019.