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Selling: General Queries

1.How to upload the assets and what type of assets can I upload?

Uploading assets in THINKGAZER is very much plain and simple. After signing in as a seller, you can upload the assets directly from here

or from here

You will not be able to upload any of your assets if you have not registered as a seller.

You may upload your 3D and 2D assets in all the available softwares in the industry. For example, if you are a 3D modeler in blender, you may upload the models in  blender software or you can convert it into .ma, .mb, .3ds, .obj etc.in one (zip) package.  OR if you are a 2D illustrator, you can upload your own art illustrations in all the available formats.

2. What are assets and how to prepare my assets for selling?

Assets are the contents which are used for commercial or non-commercial production of various types of creative media or animation production. THINKGAZER categorise assets into 3D assets and 2D assets. 3D assets are the contents which are used for animation or CGI production. 2D assets include multimedia contents which are commonly used in video, audio, graphics, web etc.

If you are an artist or a designer or a freelancer who is willing to share or sell your works, you can directly upload them from THINKGAZER. THINKGAZER allow you to upload all software products which are widely used in the industry. We recommend you to upload your best works and take revenue from the sales. The more you upload, the more will be your return. We also suggest you to prepare a very brief description about your product and upload prime and attractive thumbnail images of your product.


3.Why the description is important while uploading?

The buyers require a brief summary of the product which you have uploaded. Your description attracts the buyers to buy your products. Description involves the process and the procedure used in the creation of the content. You should describe the additional contents or elements that support the contents. It is important to include the additional contents along with the uploaded product. A fair description would help the sales.


4.How much should I price for my content?

Your prices say about the value and the effort you have put in to create the content. As we know, people would always search for best buy contents from online digital content marketplaces. So your focus should be to set optimal prices for your products. This would enable you to maximize your profit percentage while keeping prices attractive. You can also offer discount for sales promotions to increase the sales. The price and the sales depend upon the quality of the products which you have uploaded.


5.What is My Dashboard and what all information will I get from dashboard?

Your dashboard gives you all the detailed information about the sales,uploads, transaction,payments and the feedbacks from buyers etc. It includes a graphical presentation of your statistical analysis report.


6. What is the artist level and how it works?

THINKGAZER works on the basis of Artist grade levels. Initially we analyse the artist grade from your showreel/demo reel. Artists can add their demo reel/showreel link in the profile page. The link could be from either YouTube/Vimeo or any other website. The grade level increases your sales and other opportunities. THINKGAZER’s payout is also dependent on the artist grades.


7.Can I sell my assets on other similar websites and what is the benefit while uploading through this site?

Yes. You can sell your products through other similar websites. One of the main benefits you get while uploading through our site is that we value the artist and our payout policy is based on the grade level of artist. Payout system of THINKGAZER is quite different from similar other websites.


8.How the payment system works and how much will be the payment fee?

The payment system or payout policy offered by THINKGAZER is way different from similar other websites. THINKGAZER’s payout range from 70% to 80% depending upon the artist grade level. The payouts would be made through either PayPal or Payoneer according to your preference. The payout will be made every second Friday of calendar month to your account. Payment will be credited after the  deduction of  transaction fee of  PayPal or Payoneer.


9. What are the file formats of the assets?

THINKGAZER users can upload all the file formats used in 2D, 3D, web, video, audio industry. The most popular formats are link


Buying: General Queries

1.How to buy physical and real assets from this site?

THINKGAZER do not provide you with physical/tangible assets (for eg: 3D prints, photographs, paintings etc). You may download the asset in digital format and print it at your own risk.


2. How should I contact the artist/designer/studio if I have doubts regarding the products that I purchased?

You can collect contact information about the or contact the artist/designer/studio from the artist profile page.  Or you can contact us any time at admin@thinkgazer.com

3. What will I get after a purchase is made?

You can anytime download the assets that you have purchased. The purchased assets will be kept safe in your profile. Once you have downloaded the asset, you will get the complete package (ZIP / RAR ) of the assets which the artist has uploaded in the package.


4. What type of formats are available in the purchased package?

Artists list the products in different editable formats. You can buy them confidently and can use your own convenient format. For example.: An artist has uploaded a car 3D model  in .ma(maya) format. He has also attached the 3D max, 3Ds, Obj,FBX formats in his package, then you can easily buy the package and use it.


5. What are the payment methods in THINKGAZER for purchase of the assets?

You can directly use your Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit cards or PayPal account to purchase the assets. You will get the invoice of the purchase via email. We store only the partial credit card information in our database to ensure security and all transactions use SSL encryption for security.